Bodega Bay Classic Car Journey

Bodega Bay Classic Car Journey is the ultimate way for you to enjoy more than one car on the same day on Northern California amazing scenic roads for a 2 hour tour.

Our fleet features professional reproductions of automotive history’s most iconic sports cars. Ideal for exploring scenic Bodega Bay and take pictures of the amazing views and vehicles.

Call ((619) 777-0256 today to inquire about rates and availability. We also offer discounted group rates!


“live for the journey, not the destination”

Napa Valley Classic Car Journey

Napa Valley Classic Car Journey is a unique and exhilarating 2 hour driving experience on Sonoma County beautiful scenic roads.

The route we travel, takes us on some of Napa old country back roads. You will see Napa Valley’s famous vineyards where you can take pictures of the beautiful cars and surroundings.

The Details

Instructor will give you an introduction to the vehicles, along with 30 minutes of drive time in each car • Invite a friend or family member to ride along with you • Bring your camera to capture the beauty of the coast—lots of photo opportunities are available while you’re transitioning from one car to another • Makes a great gift for the car aficionado or thrill seeker in your life • 2-hour experience includes introduction at meeting location, 30 minutes driving each car , and photo ops with each car.

• Must be 25+ and sign liability waiver • Must have a valid driver’s license and provide proof of insurance • Driver may invite 1 passenger to ride in the car • Passengers over 8 years old are allowed to ride in the car at no extra charge; passengers are not allowed to drive • Driver must obey all traffic laws, signs and road regulations, and are responsible for any moving violation • All drivers must follow the lead car and are not allowed to pass • All drivers are required to listen to the lead car instructor at all times using a 2-way radio